Lishinu Hands-Free Retractable Dog Lead




The original Lishinu retractable dog lead easily straps to your wrist, allowing you to freely use both of your hands and enjoy every walk and activity to the fullest. Designed especially for walking, jogging and running with your furry pal, this lead is also great for behavioral training and keeping everyday tasks such as tying shoelaces, opening doors and holding bags 100% hassle-free.
The leash extends from 50cm to 3 m while the skidiving-grade cord offers extra strengh, absortion and durability, perfect for active and tireless pooches up to 30 kg.
The intuitive auto-locking mechanism works just like a seatbelt allowing you to always be in full control of your dog with quick, easy, natural motions.
Its flexible wrist strap goes on and off your arm fast and easy while an innovative safety belt helps to remove the entire apparatus stat in case of an emergency. The strap can also easily be attached to objects to keep your dog in position and can also be operated as a hand leash.

Available in 6 bright colors
Italian design – Made in Europe

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White, Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Orange


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