Vetbed Non-Slip Cream and Brown Paw Print

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The Non-Slip Vetbed Paw Print is a soft and cosy hypoallergenic dog bed, ideal for all life stages – from birth through old age- and perfect to be used anywhere at home, in the car and in crates during travelling, or in whelping boxes.

This dog bed looks and feels like a super-thick, fluffy carpet. It insulates against cold floors and is breathable and moisture permeable, keeping your pup warm and dry at all times (even in the event of a small “accident”). Its hypoallergenic material is hygienic and easy to clean as it can be machine washed at up to 95°C in for disinfection purposes.

The Vetbed is made from tear-resistant hollow fibre (100% polyester) and since the edges do not fray it can be cut down to whatever size you need. It also has a rubber coated anti-slip backing so it does not slide around on smooth surfaces, making it easier for older dogs to move with ease.

-Non allergenic
-Moisture Permeable: keeps your pup dry and cosy
-Insulates against cold floors
-Anti-slip rubber backing
-Machine washable up to 40°C (normal wash)
-Machine washable up to 95°C (occasional disinfection wash)
-Does not fray, can be cut to any size
20mm pile, thickness approx. 2000 g/per linear metre

Made in England

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75 x 50 cm, 100 x 75 cm, 150 x 100 cm, Roll 10 meters


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